CLEF 2013 Conference Sessions


  • The Scholarly Impact of CLEF (2000–2009) Theodora Tsikrika, Birger Larsen, Henning Müller, Stefan Endrullis, and Erhard Rahm
  • Building a Common Framework for IIR Evaluation Mark Michael Hall and Elaine Toms
  • Selecting Success Criteria: Experiences with an Academic Library Catalogue Paul Clough and Paula Goodale
  • A Formative Evaluation of a Comprehensive Search System for Medical Professionals Veronika Stefanov, Alexander Sachs, Marlene Kritz, Matthias Samwald, Manfred Gschwandtner, and Allan Hanbury
  • A Turing Test to Evaluate a Complex Summarization Task Alejandro Molina, Eric Sanjuan, and Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno


  • Improving Ranking Evaluation Employing Visual Analytics Marco Angelini, Nicola Ferro, Giuseppe Santucci, and Gianmaria Silvello
  • A Proposal for a new Evaluation and Result Visualization Technique for Sentiment Analysis Tasks Francisco José Valverde Albacete, Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz, and Carmen Peláez-Moreno
  • A Case Study in Decompounding for Bengali Information Retrieval Debasis Ganguly, Johannes Leveling, and Gareth Jones
  • A Comparative Evaluation of Cross-lingual Text Annotation Techniques Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger, Michael Färber, and Marko Tadic
  • Exploiting Multiple Translation Resources for English-Persian Cross Language Information Retrieval Hosein Azarbonyad, Azadeh Shakery, and Heshaam Faili


  • The Impact of Belief Values on the Identification of Patient Cohorts Travis Goodwin and Sanda Harabagiu
  • Semantic discovery of resources in cloud-based PACS/RIS systems Rafael Berlanga, María Pérez, Lledó Museros, and Rafael Forcada
  • Subtopic Mining Based on Head-modifier Relation and Co-occurrence of Intents Using Web Documents Se-Jong Kim and Jong-Hyeok Lee
  • Relevant Clouds: Leveraging Relevance Feedback to Build Tag Clouds for Image Search Luis A. Leiva, Mauricio Villegas, and Roberto Paredes
  • Mining Query Logs of USPTO Patent Examiners Wolfgang Tannebaum and Andreas Rauber
  • A New Corpus for the Evaluation of Arabic Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection Imene Bensalem, Paolo Rosso, and Salim Chikhi